Custom Window API.
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Custom Window API.


Possibly the most powerful custom Window API for Microsoft Visual C++ yet... This API is an extension to the Microsoft Foundation Classes that lets you create and dynamically change the user interface shape for your application. An example of a custom windowed application is Mez Sure, above. All features of the user interface furniture can be changed and re-designed to suit your needs. This can be a mammoth task, but this API will help you get there. It essentially replaces and extends CWnd to allow you to easily change the shape of the Window's window and provides placeholders and callbacks just like CWnd for painting, updating, moving, etc, etc your window(s).


Clearly this would be included as part of another project. But it does have certain requirements: Build platforms tested:

License & Warranty.

This library is released under the LGPL, with absolutely no warranty, express or implied. Please see the files "COPYING" and "WARRANTY" in the release distribution for more details.

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